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"My husband and I moved to Arizona from New Mexico. On moving day I backed my car into the garage hitting a piece of wood sitting on the bench. Being new to Arizona I was not familiar with body shops in Tucson so I began with an Internet search and found great reviews on Meyers now Central Collision Center. I went to Central Collision and was immediately greeted by receptionist and Michael H. They were both very friendly and made you feel right at home. They told me to bring my dog in while I waited. Michael was very friendly and quick to provide me with an estimate for damages and a time frame the work could be completed. After I left Central Collision I went to the collision company referred by my insurance company this was not the same experience I had at Central Collision Center. I knew based on my experience at each of the companies I felt more comfortable with Central Collision. I called Michael and set up my appointment with Central Collision Center. They gave me a max estimate of three days and my car was competed after two days. The car was delivered back to me clean and all work completed as promised. It was a pleasure working with Central Collision Center, excellent customer service and auto repair. They have a very friendly atmosphere and make you feel like family. I recommend you stop by Central Collision when your car is in need of a repair."

Patty F. - Tucson, AZ


Fixed my dented in bumper at a great price. I brought my car in and he fixed it in 45 minutes and it looks good as new. Best price in town. Trust worthy guys!

Kevin Rotherham - Tucson, AZ


Great job. They were fair and honest. As a member Tucson's finest, I can say the work and prices here are top quality, in my experience. Mike really helped me out and saved me over $1000. Thanks again Central Collision.

Robert Tatum - Tucson, AZ


I took my Mustang here to repair some front-end damage. They were very friendly and helpful through the entire experience. After dropping off my car, one of the owners even drove me to Enterprise in his own vehicle upon learning that I was in a hurry to get to work and it was going to take a bit for Enterprise to pick me up. As for the work... It really does look like nothing ever happened. Perfect match. They also called me to give me updates and let me know when it was ready, so I didn't have to call them like you so often do at auto repair shops. Great job guys. I'll definitely be returning here if my car ever gets damaged again.

Ryan S. - Tucson, AZ


When my Pontiac GTO was damaged I visited two collision repair shops seeking estimates. The employees at the first repair shop were impersonal, unenthusiastic, and seemingly uninterested in repairing my car. In total contrast, the people at Central Collision Center were sociable and gave me the impression that they were genuinely interested in earning my business. On top of the fact that the owners and staff were very approachable and communicative, their estimate was significantly lower than the first shop I visited. After seeing the work they had done on other cars, I was convinced that working with CCC would be painless and the job would be done right. Needless to say, the repair work was fantastic and the car looks as though it was never damaged. When I went to pick up my car, the owners took time to speak to me about the repair and their business. I am extremely pleased with my experience with CCC and would strongly recommend this shop.

Travis T. - Tucson, AZ


These guys are fantastic!!!! I came to them about a year ago with a break in repair. They were quick, and worked hard to find me the best deal on replacement parts. They were knowledgeable and answered every question that I had. They had worked so hard for me that when other issues came up (mechanical issues) I wanted to go to them but they do not do that kind of work. At this point they were the only people I trusted with my car.

Then the accident happened. My Nellie's front end was crunched....and I had gotten into it on the way to the emissions testing site. I was so upset!

Who did I take my car to? The only place in Tucson that I trust. They went over her with a fine tooth comb and when I came in for the estimate, they showed me every place the car was damaged and again, answered every question that I had.

Of course, any damage that you have to pay for out of pocket makes you cringe, but again they worked hard to find the best deal on replacement parts. They even allowed me to pay increments since I did not have all the money up front. Every time I would come to pay, the Ms. at the desk knew my name (darn that I can't remember hers!) and knew my cars name too! She made me feel so welcome! They would show me the progress of my car each time, so I got to see Nellie progress to her old self! I will also say this, although they may not want me to, I asked for a couple of extra minor problems that I had had with the car (windshield wipers and battery) and without the blink of an eye the gentleman said no problem.

So when the day came to pick up my Nellie, I was shocked at how beautiful she was. Clean inside and out....she looked like a new car!!!! They took care of all the issues, small and large! I can't say enough good things!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Christina S. - Tucson, AZ


This is Sabrina and Michael in Tucson, AZ. The front end of our 1998 Dodge Neon was totaledI needed to fix our car badly before we drove back to Washington. When we met the staff at Central Collision Center Auto Body Repair, we had our doubts since it's hard to trust just anybody with your car. He reassured me and my fiancé that his work is of the best. The job was done within three days, "they performed their job to our schedule". The night our car was ready, I was thinking what does, our car look like. I got there and to my surprise it looked brand new and drove perfect. To be honest I wouldn't take our car anywhere else.

Michael & Sabrina - Tucson, AZ


A friend referred us to Central Collision Center when his son drove into our car in a parking lotI didn't know what to expect, but he was paying for the repair so I said "okay". The guys at Central Collision Center were more than helpful; not only doing and excellent job fixing our Honda but providing friendly and useful advise on how to deal with several of our automotive needs. I'm happy for our friend because Central Collision Center did the work at a reasonable price, and I'm happy for us because the car looks like new after they worked their "Creative Magic". We do not hesitate to recommend Central Collision Center for all your paint and body needs. I intend to recommend them to my friends and family. I thank my friend for recommending them to me.

Very satisfied customer, Kathleen Starks - Tucson, AZ


MY Volvo broke - actually I broke it by running into a curbCentral Collision Center fixed it, actually the staff fixed it. Now I am happy and I will try not to get so close to the curb again. I probably won't succeed, so when I break my Volvo again I will gladly return to Central Collision Center because I know they will fix it like new - and then I will be happy again.

Dan - Tucson, AZ


"If you're looking for "magicians" to do high quality auto body repair and painting at a fair price, Central Collision Center is the place--from a very satisfied customer in Green Valley."

Green Valley, Arizona