Frequent Asked Questions
Central Collision Center

I've Never Needed Collision Repairs Before. Can You Briefly Explain The Claims Process?

Contact your insurance company (or the other driver’s insurance company) first. Typically they will ask you to provide a brief description of the accident that occurred. When that is complete, they will provide you with a claim number, if they have not done so, ask and they will provide you with one. This claim number allows us to handle the rest for you from that point including dealing with the insurance company and help with rental car setup, if you have rental on your policy. If you are the claimant, you are entitled to a rental.

Do I Need To Get 2 Or 3 Estimates?

No. There is no law that requires this. You are able to choose the shop you would like to repair your vehicle. It is the insurance company’s obligation to adjust your claim fairly. If you leave your vehicle with us, we will supervise the insurance appraiser and make sure they write a fair estimate that will restore your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.


Do I Have To Go Where The Insurance Company Directs Me?

No. It is your legal right to do business with the shop of your choice. Some insurance companies will try to steer you to one of their “DRP-direct repair program” repair shops on their list. Beware of this tactic. Many of these shops in exchange for referrals from insurance companies agree to skip certain repair procedures, use imitation parts, offer discounted labor rates and parts discounts that go directly into the insurance company pocket, not yours. These shops are nothing more than just managed care providers that work for the insurance company and not for you.

We don’t have any deals with insurance companies. The reason: We refuse to do cheap, unsafe repairs in order to have business referred to our shop.

Do I Have To Go To The Insurance Companies "Drive-In" Claims Office?

No, you are not required to. They would like you to go there in hopes you will choose their facility. In all actuality it is just for the purpose of getting your initial estimate done. At that point you can go the repair shop of your choosing. Just bring that estimate to the shop and we compare what they have written to your vehicle. No estimate will be complete until an actual teardown has been done. If there is additional damage, we will address it with the insurance company. We will document the additional damage and write a supplement to the original estimate.

If My Car Is Leased Do I Have Let My Lease Company Know My Vehicles Been In A Collision?

If you pay for the damage out of pocket, no you do not have to inform them. If the accident Is run through insurance it will be reported to Carfax.

How Can I Know If A Body Shop Will Do A Good Job?

The Better Business Bureau is an excellent source for the consumer to check on the validity of any shop. Ask your friends, co-workers, your mechanic and anyone else you can think of. If your able to go to the shop and look at facility. Ask if they have the proper equipment to handle the repair. Do their body technicians have IICAR certifications? Ask the shop to show you some vehicles they’ve just repaired. And don’t just look at the paint job. Any shop can do that. Look inside and underneath the car.

Can I Get A Safe And Proper Repair If I Go Back To The Car Dealer Where I Bought My Vehicle For Repairs?

If you have a problem with your foot you wouldn’t go to an ear, nose and throat doctor right? Obviously, you’d go to a foot doctor. Specialization is the key for excellent service and product. Many people think that if they own a Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota or whatever they should go to the car dealership for repairs. If you do, this could be a big mistake. Let me explain why. Car dealerships specialize in selling cars; that’s what they do best. Car dealerships body shops are a sideline not a specialty. Many times, these dealership body shops have deals with insurance companies that can include the use of imitation parts, discounted labor rates, parts discounts and may agree to skip certain repair procedures in exchange for referrals. We specialize in one thing: collision repair.


What Is An "LKQ" Part?

This generally refers to a “used” part. Insurance companies may figure “LKQ” parts on your vehicle if it is at least two years old or more. Our standard for “used” parts is that they must be at least as good if not better than the one that was on your vehicle before the accident. In the event our source of “LKQ” parts is not able to either find the part or find one that is acceptable we will contact the insurance company and they will have to pay for “new” parts from the manufacturer.

What Are OEM Parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts?

These are the parts made by the manufacture of your car for your car. OEM are the only acceptable body parts a repair shop can use in order to preserve your factory warranty, protect your safety and assure repairs to pre-accident condition.

What Is A "Quality Replacement" Part Or "Aftermarket" Part?

“Quality replacement” parts or “Aftermarket” parts are nothing more than “cheap imitation parts” that some insurance companies’ figure on their initial estimate. Unfortunately, some insurance companies slip this in their policies (in the fine print of course) and the agent somehow forgets to tell you about this up front. At Central Collision Center we will always try our best to avoid using “Aftermarket” or “Quality Replacements Parts”. We will not allow an insurance company to use an imitation part if it compromises the safety standards of your vehicle. We will make sure your vehicle is restored to as good or better condition that it was in before the accident.

Who Is Responsible For The Repair Bill?

You. When insurance is involved, if you were responsible for the accident, you will pay your deductible to the shop when repairs are completed. Insurance will pick up the rest. If you are the claimant, Insurance will generally send the initial payment for repairs to you. That will be due when the repairs are complete, if there is a supplement for additional damages that will be paid to the shop directly.

Does My Insurance Company Guarantee The Repair?

No. We do. As a steering tactic some insurance companies will tell you that if you take your vehicle to a shop on their list, they will guarantee the repairs. But if you take it to a shop not on their list they won’t. NOT TRUE! They have to stand by your repairs no matter what. If you get a sub-standard repair your insurance company has an obligation to intervene in the proper repair of your vehicle.

What Kind Of Warranty Should I Ask For?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on the workmanship of the repair.

*See Warranty section for more details*

What Are Betterment Charges?

Parts that wear out and need replacement with time and use (i.e., tires, batteries and suspension parts) are commonly subject to betterment charges when they are replaced during the repair process. These betterment charges are determined by your insurance company and are pro-rated based on the actual miles on your vehicle.


Do You Offer Towing Service?

Yes! We work with Downtown Towing. They will work with you to arrange a tow to our facility.

If you need their assistance at any point, call (520) 622-3956.

Are You Open On Saturday?

Unfortunately, no. Although, if you call anytime on Monday-Friday, 8:00 – 5:00 p.m. we will schedule you in as soon as possible.

How Soon Can I Leave My Vehicle For It To Be Repaired?

Immediately. The length of repair depends on parts availability and the amount of repair that needs to be done.

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